Our office is committed to providing the most comprehensive and competent dental care to our patients. In an effort to fulfill this mission, we have upgraded all of our radiology equipment and techniques. Patient health and safety is our primary concern and our new digital technology enables us to provide the best clinical treatment while ensuring the minimal amount of radiation exposure possible. Our brand new digital X-rays and digital PAN machine have 80% less radiation exposure compared to traditional X-ray film. Additionally, the PAN machine captures the patient’s entire mouth and jaw in one radiograph, therefore providing comprehensive diagnostic information with minimal radiation exposure. The health benefits of dental X-rays are significant, in most cases dental issue are not detectable without them. X-rays allow us to identify cavities and other conditions before they start to cause pain and result in infection. Please do not hesitate to ask about all of the health advantages and any risks associated with dental X-rays.
X-Ray Exposure Chart
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